By Air

The common arriving and departing by air is Paro. The national airline, Druk Air operates international flights to Bangkok, Kathmandu, Delhi, Rangoon, Bodhgaya in Bihar and Calcutta.Druk Air operates two 72-seats BAe 146-100 four engine jet aircraft.Druk Air used to operate 2 Downier.These planes are now obsolete and the airline has upgraded its fleet with two Boeing.

Druk Air announces schedule changes at least a week in advance in Kuensel, the National Newspaper.Flights are often delayed because of weather and Druk Air recommends that you travel on non-restricted tickets and allow at least 24-hours transit time with your connecting flight in order to minimize the complications of delays.

All landings and take offs are by visual flight rule ( VFR ), which means the pilot must be able to see the runway before landing, and the surrounding hills before takeoff. For the same reason no flight can be operated at night or in poor visibility.

Druk Air on its way to Paro flies over 8 of 10 tallest peaks of the world.These mountains are, Mt. Everest ( 8848 m ) in Nepal/Tibet; Kanchenjunga ( 8586m ) in Nepal/Tibet; Lhotse ( 8511m ) in Nepal; Makalu ( 8463m ) in Nepal; Cho Oyu ( 8201m ) in Nepal/Tibet; Dhaulagiri (8167m ) in Nepal; Manaslu ( 8167m ) in Nepal and Annapurna ( 8091m ) in Nepal.

Further, Bhutan has another private air by the brand name Bhutan Airlines. This very flight/carrier is operated by Tashi Group of Companies.

By Road

Other entry to Bhutan is by land from Kolkata ( Inida ) and Kathmandu ( Nepal ) via Phuentsholing, the commercial center in south sharing border with Indian State of Bengal.

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